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Are you interested in offering a class or workshop through Rec & Ed?  We welcome ideas from community members who have a passion or skill for a certain topic that may appeal to others.

Apply to Teach
a Class, or a 

Please follow the steps below in order for your class to be considered:

  1. Look through our website so that you can see the types of classes and workshops/camps Rec & Ed already offers. It also provides many examples of class descriptions.

  2. Review our Instructor Handbook, which should give you a general idea about employment requirements and expectations for Rec & Ed instructors. NOTE: Requirements and expectations may vary per program area.

    3. Complete the Class Proposal Form.

Your proposal will be reviewed to determine if we think the class will be of interest to AAPS students, staff, and/or community members. Including as much information as possible on the Class Proposal Form helps facilitate that decision. If it is determined that the class could be a good fit, the appropriate Program Supervisor will contact you to set up a face-to-face meeting.

Please note that the timing of your proposal might have a significant impact on whether the class can be considered. In general, we need at least 3 months of development in order to include a class in an upcoming semester. Classes are offered in four seasonal sessions - Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Summer Camp proposals are considered in the fall and winter prior to the summer when the camp is offered.

Thank you for your interest in Rec & Ed programs!

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