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Rec & Ed Scholarships

Fee Waiver/Fee Discount Program

Rec & Ed strives to ensure all children can enjoy our quality after school enrichment classes, recreational sports,  school break and summer camps and the Before and After school programs. We are proud to offer scholarships to members of the Ann Arbor Public Schools community who receive Free/Reduced Meals or meet specific HUD income guidelines and residency requirements. (For more information on the AAPS Free/Reduced Meal program, please click here.)

During the summer, youth scholarship recipients may use their scholarship for 1 summer camp and 1 summer class.


Select an Option below and Apply for the Rec & Ed Scholarship Program that applies to your family.

Rec & Ed offers two options for individuals and families to apply for our Scholarship Program.  Please select the option below that describes your current status.

1. For families who currently have one or more students enrolled in the Ann Arbor Public Schools Free/Reduced Lunch Program, please click: HERE.

2. For individuals and families who live within the Ann Arbor Public School District boundaries but do not receive/qualify for the Free/Reduced Lunch Program, please click: HERE.

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