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Meet Our Instructors

We are pleased to welcome new instructors to our team, all with outstanding credentials and classes that complement and enrich our existing programs.


Lindsy Avenall

"My name is Lindsy Avenall. I am a Michigan native and that has lived and taught in Washtenaw county for the last decade and various art camps all over Michigan. However, I love the Ann Arbor community and am proud to be a part of it. Growing the arts and transferable skills is a passion of mine because art and design can be found in everything. Looking forward to creating with you!"

Alice Chang

Ni hao! My name is Huishan (Alice) Chang. I have taught after school Chinese at Rec & Ed for over 10 years. I strongly believe that everyone has the ability to learn more than one language. My insight on the Chinese curriculum is that students should be taught language that is meaningful. Therefore, my goal for after school Chinese is to teach students language that is related to their daily life. When teaching, I use positive feedback as my classroom management philosophy. My favorite hobby is to travel around the world. I have traveled to many countries. I have not only been shocked by beautiful, natural landscapes, but also by different cultures. I have learned that every culture has its own unique tradition that should be respected. I believe that meaningful teaching, interesting activities, and a communicative climate in the classroom will pave a path to learn Chinese. Welcome to the summer Chinese Conversation class! Let's begin the journey together!

Christina Marie Sears

Christina Marie Sears is a teacher of dance, yoga and arts programs with over 20 years of experience. She has taught all ages from preschoolers to senior citizens. She won “Best Dance Educator” in the State of Michigan in 2016. She is an award-winning choreographer and professional dancer. She directed the People Dancing Company from 2000-2020, and teaches for Rec and Ed, Maple Street Studios, Know Obstacles and more. She enjoys dancing with others and demonstrating new skills, strategies and arts adventures.

James Schayes

James has been an artist his entire life. He is an accomplished photographer who has been able to photograph some of the world's biggest bands in concert. Besides photography, he creates art using wood, metal, and resin. James was a metal fabricator building aircraft carriers before deciding to create his own artwork.

Janet Szeto

Janet Szeto loves connecting with students of all ages, and values every opportunity to explore creative ideas alongside them.   She has been teaching visual art for over 16 years at community centers, in public and private schools, and pre-college programs across the country.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art (Painting) from Rutgers University and a Master of Arts in Teaching from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). When she is not teaching, she loves painting and making collages. Recently, she has been getting back into block-printing, and teaching herself pop-up paper design

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