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Lifelong Learning

Laura Emmer

Early Childhood


Early Childhood


Let's Play


Let’s Play is an afterschool program that promotes physical activity and social fun through a wide variety of outdoor and indoor station-based health and fitness games kids love to play!


Expert Teachers

Rec & Ed instructors will provide a warm and inviting atmosphere that promotes an online sense of community. Collaborative learning will be promoted through a variety of activities, assignments, and group discussions.

Stay connected with the community through your favorite teachers and friends; videos and special activities; online resources and tips. Rec & Ed will provide a sense of community bringing everyone together. Join us and be part of the FUN!

The online classroom is a powerful teaching and learning arena where new practices and new relationships can make significant contributions. Flexibility of the course curriculum allows the instructor to compensate for unexpected technological problems as well as opportunities to respond to student feedback.

Online Community

Flexible Curriculum

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Learning Together