Life is hectic, but working out, practicing yoga, or learning a cooking class at home can easily fit into your lifestyle. Whether you need to burn more calories, boost your stamina, or relieve stress, you can achieve your goals

 in the comfort of your own home.  

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Pilates Matwork with Stephanie Riegle

Are you looking for a mind-body workout that will strengthen, lengthen, stretch and tone your body? Improve your muscular endurance and flexibility with an emphasis on core body mat work.

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Cook and Bake with Chef Natalie

Natalie Marble is a chef and culinary instructor celebrating 20 years of experience. After working in the finance world, she decided to pursue her real passion for food, and attended culinary school in Washington D.C., which led to amazing experiences such as working for a James Beard Award winning chef, starting and running a catering company, and eventually discovering her love of teaching.